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Sacred Compositions to Accompany the Singing of Sufi Chant
…is both a meditative and concentrated experience based on the repetition of a sacred phrase.

These Wazifas are sung with recorded musical accompaniments that have been composed by Murshid Hidayat Inayat-Khan.

Vocal and instrumental versions of each Wazifa can be downloaded for private practice.

The accompaniment sets the rhythm, pitch and atmosphere of the practice. Wazifas are sung while seated with eyes closed.
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Murshid Hidayat Inayat-Khan

Listen to a recording of Jelaluddin Gary Sill explaining and presenting some of the history of the Singing Wazifas at the 2017 Ghost River Retreat.
These buttons will link to a separate page for each Wazifa.

That page will display an audio/video player of the Wazifa music as well as instructional recordings.

Music notation for individual practice, practice with a group and a score of the recorded accompaniment is also included.
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There are several things that could be considered while repeating a particular Wazifa; purpose, meaning, quality, an element, concentration, colour and occasionally a visualisation.
The purpose is a response to "why do this Wazifa?". From the point of view of intention, Wazifas fall into three categories: help with worldly affairs, personal development or Divine attunement.
The meaning is more than a literal translation of the sacred phrase. There is an attempt to convey the deeper source of the words without taking away from the magic of the original language.
Quality can be thought of as the atmosphere created by performing the Wazifa, one which shapes the attitude and creates a sympathetic receptivity.
Each Wazifa exists in the enfoldment of one of the five Elements; Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether and is bonded with that Element's characteristics.
Concentration places the attention on one of five possible chakras which are imagined as being positioned either at the tip of the nose, the bridge of the nose, the centre of the forehead, the top of the head or a short distance above the head.
Generally the colour focus is closely related to the Element. These usual colour relationships are: Earth (Yellow), Water (Green), Fire (Red), Air (Blue) and Ether (Iridescent). Occasionally a different colour is necessary.
Visualisation is added to some of the Wazifas and serves to direct the imagination toward the inner attraction of the Wazifa, thereby reinforcing all of the other qualities.
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