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A Description of the Service
When the congregation enters the place of worship, a light is already burning, suspended above the altar, representing the Divine Presence, the source of all light.

On the altar, as well as flowers and incense, there are candles and scriptures representing six of the world's religions (Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Jewish, Christian and Islamic) as well as a candle representing all those, whether known or unknown, who have held aloft the light of Truth through the darkness of human ignorance. Therefore, none are excluded; all faiths are respected in this service.

The service is conducted by three Cherags ('light bearers') wearing simple robes of muted brown as a sign of self-effacement in service.

The candles are lit, with the sincere feeling that the light which has given rise to each faith has once again been kindled.

The scriptures are read with devotion, whereupon gratitude, homage and respect are offered to the Divine source of each.

In the course of the service, an invocation and three prayers are recited. These sacred formulations, given by Hazrat Inayat Khan, clearly express the unity of all religious ideals.
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the Universal Worship altar
the Universal Worship altar
Following the reading of the scriptures, a Cherag gives a sermon on the theme of this day's service.

After a closing prayer, a Cherag blesses all those present, and the Cherags depart.

This service has also been formulated for such special occasions as weddings, the blessing of infants, the ordination of Cherags, and the passing away of a soul from earth.
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