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O Thou, Who art the Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty,
The Lord of heaven and earth,
Open our hearts that we may hear Thy voice
Which constantly cometh from within.
Disclose to us Thy divine light
Which is hidden in our souls,
That we may know and understand life better.

Most merciful and compassionate God,
Give us Thy great goodness,
Teach us Thy loving forgiveness;
Raise us above the distinctions and differences which divide;
Send us the peace of Thy divine Spirit,
And unite us all in Thy perfect Being.


Listen to Murshid Hidayat Inayat-Khan recite "Khatum":
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Murshid Hidayat Inayat-Khan

  1. Khatum

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"Khatum – means conclusion or end.  Again, no coincidence that it is the last prayer of the Universal Worship.  The word is found in a different form in the Arabic phrase, khatim al Mursalin, the end or seal of the prophets, which is to say, the prophet Mohammed."

Murshid Nawab Pasnak


There are no movements for the prayer Khatum.

The right hand is clasped over the left throughout the prayer.

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As in the conclusion of Saum and Salat, the hands are lifted to above the forehead, briefing touching the head.

That which has been offered in the prayer is brought to the temple of God, the body.

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The hands are brought downward along the sides of the body, not actually touching it, then finally turned outward with palms facing down.

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…then hands clasped.

Clasping the right hand over the left in the silence.

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