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"And now, only what I have to say is this, that the practices which have been given to you are of the greatest importance in your life. You must consider that in this world you are standing against the struggle of worldly life from morning till evening. And what you need is your spiritual powers well-developed and well-conserved. If that is not done, then know that the struggle is greater. And do not think that only your enemies will go against you; your own friends will, when you have no power. That is the spiritual power, to stand against the struggle that worldly life brings you."
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Hazrat Inayat Khan
"Remember that we live in the midst of falsehood and all that we depend upon, praise and love and attachment and affection and sympathy, how long does it last? As long as you are in your proper condition. As soon as your condition is not proper everything goes away, not only your enemies, but even your friends.
Remember, therefore, that is the first thing to consider, to keep yourself well-tuned, tuned by the practices given to you. They are more valuable than a thousand prescriptions given by a doctor, because it is by spiritual inspiration they have been given. Never think, "To say a thing so many times, is that so important?" It is of the greatest importance."
Inayat Khan's Last Words to the Mureeds in Detroit, 1926
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