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The Temple Dance
(This Is Not My Body, This Is The Temple Of God)
  1. This Is Not My Body

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Everyone is sitting in a circle.  The whole dance is done from the sitting position.

“This is not my body…
Using the right hand as if holding a piece of chalk, cross from left shoulder to right shoulder,

…this is the temple of God”
bringing both hands together in front of the heart in praying position.

“This is not my heart,
Holding the right hand over the heart, the left hand is at the heart level, palm up,

…this is the altar of God”
then bringing both hands forwards, palms facing up and together, in offering position.
“This is not my mind…
Right hand with thumb and first two finger together touches the forehead,

…this is the thought of God”
then reaching upward with both arms to the sky.

“This is not my soul…
Both hands over the heart,

...this is the being of God”
and then arms opening up and brought down and out, space permitting, with a bend of the upper body, into the circle.
"This Is Not My Body" Score
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