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Pattern and Rhythm
The breath is directed through alternating nostrils or the nose.The pattern for each of the three conditions (Jelal, Jemal and Kemal) is the same: in, then hold, then out. Do this for 4 repetitions.

"Kasab is a means whereby the physical body is slowly, carefully and rhythmically regulated so as to increase gradually its capacity for prana, the Divine Energy or Nuri which permeates space. To give the body further strength, that is to say, power, along with inspiration, concentration is added to the practices, and these two together with Fikr make the body the instrument for the Divine Breath."

Murshid Sam Lewis

Inner Attainment Through Kasab
"When we trace that the source that holds life is nothing but light then we realise that the nature of light is to extend its rays and spread them around it. So it is with the light of the soul. The soul spreads its light, which is breath, and extends it to the right and left. By that all things external become lighted, that both the eyes and mind may see. But when this light instead of extending, is concentrated, so to speak, instead of spreading is thrown inward, then it lights up the inner planes and all that is there becomes clear.

This is done by Kasab, for in Kasab one masters both the power of light, in extending and throwing them inward and thereby in time develops the light within which guides the path toward the journey within."

Hazrat Inayat Khan

The morning is the best time for practicing Kasab. The rhythm in kasab is not the same as in Fikar. In kasab, there is retention, between the in-breath and the out-breath, and this interruption of the natural flow of breath is done differently according to each individual. This practice is in itself a preparation for higher practices.

Kasab may be done in a Jelal, Jemal or Kemal pattern, and by this experience, the perception of those influences can be developed.

All these characteristics of the elements may be seen in the breath, which is influenced accordingly at different times of day and night. When exhaling upon one of the five elements, one may project upon the chosen element all negative vibrations, allowing the inhalation to return in a purified condition.

Murshid Hidayat Inayat-Khan

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