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In this meditative practice, one visualizes a horizontal circle of light above the head and mentally traces the circle while very subtly and gently breathing in and out through the nose. To begin with, the circle is visualized as perhaps 50 cm above the head, but it rises as the practice continues. The point of concentration begins at the front, and moves around the right side to the back during the inhalation; during the exhalation it proceeds from the back around the left side to the front. As the figure of the circle offers no particular point in which the direction changes, so the breath also changes direction from inhalation to exhalation and back again, without notice.
Tracing the circumference of a luminous circle lying horizontally above the head.
Divine Light
Pattern and Rhythm
Inhalation and exhalation through the nose is equal.
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"We know that a vibration is in fact the outcome of an eternal rotation. Similarly the breath, which is the source of all action within and without also represents an eternal rotation, and one could use the breath as a magic ray of light to trace a circle, either upon the inhalation, or upon the exhalation. One may begin with the circle mentally placed before oneself, but if the circle becomes large enough, one could imagine oneself at the centre of that akasha, becoming there by both the creator of the light, and the light created.
Then, while putting that luminous Circle into motion, one race is it higher and higher above the crown (Sahasrara chakra), thereby developing deeper insight, and as it climbs upward it's luminosity becomes more and more intense, so that its presence is at last so bright that nothing else is seen, neither within nor without."

Murshid Hidayat Inayat-Khan

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