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The Banff Sufi Centre is guided by Murshida Kuan Yin Cindy Pujos-Michel.

Dearest All:

The Banff Sufi Centre has been meeting over the past year, online and in person when possible.

We will be having a small gathering in 2 weeks to share news and practices.

Our Sufi Universal Healing group continues on gathering names for our Healing lists and this year we are hoping to structure a 'Compassionate Hearts Fund' as part of our Sufi Circle Canada Resource to where possible lend a helping hand to any of our long time Sufi members in need.  More about this fund will be revealed in our next issue of Heart to Heart.

Love and blessings from all of us in Banff.

Kuan yin
Usually at the home of Kuan Yin Cindy Pujos-Michel
Starting Time
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Healing Ritual Altar
Oh Sufi, did you know.............
that 'Sisterhood and Brotherhood'
is the ship in which we are sailing
on the great waters of
Love, Harmony and Beauty;
guided by the compass
of the Spirit of Guidance,
and driven by the energy
of Spiritual Liberty;
heading toward the goal
of the annihilation of ego,
where one may begin
at last to realize
that the sailor is verily
the Divine Presence sailing
in the past, present and future
on the waves of our illusion
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Sufi Circle Canada is
a Sufi Movement In Canada Community
affiliated with the Sufi Movement International

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