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2011 AGM Minutes
AGM Meeting, Monday, June 20, 2011
Quantum Leaps Lodge, Golden, B.C.

01. Call to order by Akbar Kieken (PST).

02. Present at the meeting were National Representative, Akbar Lody Kieken, Secretary Jelaluddin Gary Sill, Treasurer, Fazalunissa Carole Harmon and Council members David Murray, Kuan-yin Pujos-Michel and Maharaj Smoky Smokorowski and a number of SMIC members.

03. Reports

a. National Representative Report

Akbar will prepare a report summarizing the year of SMIC activities for the Sufi Movement International .

b. Secretary’s Report

Ongoing communication with Murshid Hidayat continues to inform the International Movement are informed of SMIC activities.

Jelaluddin has created a website for Murshid Hidayat and his music.

c. Treasurer’s Report

1. There is $6,000 in account before the Alchemy of Happiness Retreat which includes GST refunds, dues and income from Wazifa workshop in Banff.

MOVED by Akbar, that the audit for 2010/2011 be waived.

Seconded by Maharaj

2. Discussion regarding appointment of Paula Clancy as SMIC accountant

MOVED by Fazalunissa that Paula Clancy be appointed the SMIC accountant.

Seconded by Kuan-Yin

MOVED by Maharaj that SMIC authorize the treasurer to purchase bookkeeping software.

Seconded by David

3. Discussion about sending money to the international headquarters from SMIC. An informal solution was proposed and informally agreed upon that Akbar will collect money.

MOTION to adjourn moved by Akbar

Submitted by
Jelaluddin Gary Sill
Secretary, SMIC
Sufi Circle Canada
Is a Sufi Movement In Canada Community
affiliated with the Sufi Movement International