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2010 Council Minutes
July 17, 2014 Sufi Movement in Canada Council Meeting
Council Executive Meeting, Saturday, July 17, 2010

01. Call to order by Jelaluddin Sill at 9:30AM (PST).

02. Present at the meeting were National Representative, Akbar Lody Kieken, Secretary Jelaluddin Gary Sill, Treasurer, Fazalunissa Carole Harmon and Council members David Murray, Kuan-yin Pujos-Michel and Maharaj Smoky Smokorowski.

03. The minutes from the previous meeting were read and accepted.

04. Reports

a. National Representative Report

Akbar attended this year’s Federation Retreat where 25 to 30 Sufi Movement members, many who didn’t know each other, got together at a luncheon. An email list was created which Akbar will send to each of the SMIC executive.

Murshid Hidayat spoke to the gathering via Skype. Khalifa Hamida, Murshids Karimbakhsh and Nawab were present.

Akbar asked who could be the contact person for inquiries in Toronto, and Maharaj agreed to be that person.

b. Treasurer’s Report

At the time of writing we have $6,850.33 in our bank account. I closed the Sufi Movement in Vancouver account which we used for MOSC and deposited the small balance in our TD Account. This amount is an accrual from membership dues and surpluses and GST refunds from Lake O’Hara and the Sorrento Camp which always ran slight profits. Revenue Canada expects that there be activity to support our charitable status and this year there was none.

Paula Clancy, who is a CA and a member of our Vancouver Centre kindly did our tax filing and related requirements gratis, and has agreed to do the same for 2010.

Wearing my treasurer’s hat I believe there are three issues to discuss at our annual meeting of the SMIC Executive:

1. Contributions to Holland.

Because of Revenue Canada regulations we are not allowed to send contributions from SMIC to The Sufi Movement International. It would be classified as money laundering. However there is an expectation that we make a contribution and I do feel we have an obligation to try and figure this out; to do our little bit to support the running of the Sufi Headquarters, Sufi Temple, and the Dargah, publication of materials etc. I feel it would be best to have some agreed upon plan which we do each year.

Discussion followed.

Kuan-Yin has made a suggestion that we separate this from the membership drives and identify a specific SMI project that the Canadian Sufis would support.

David agreed to look into the plans for the restoration of the temple to identify what the needs are, what would be the most likely thing we could contribute to and what would also have an impact and be visible as a Canadian contribution.

David also suggested that a donation to the Dargah could be considered.

MOVED by Jelaluddin, that David will investigate how the Sufi Movement in Canada, in lieu of sending a portion of it’s membership dues and while remaining within the constraints of it’s non-profit charitable status, can best contribute money to the work of the Sufi Movement International and that David will report his recommendations to the Council for it’s next meeting.

Seconded by Fazalunissa

2. Accounting for Quantum Leaps Camp

Rocky Mountain Sufi Camp was not run as a SMIC event, nor was the Sorrento Camp. They were run independently with some financial contributions such as seed money coming from SMIC I believe and SMIC using it’s charitable status to get GST refunds and the like. I think this was a have your cake and eat it approach and that properly the books for the entire Quantum Leap camp should be run through SMIC. Otherwise the camp would be run independently with SMIC making a donation or some such thing. We did run MOSC as a SMIC event. I believe Padmani shared this opinion in the end although she had inherited a system which was different and which she continued. I can talk to Paula for her opinion but wanted to get feed back from the Executive first.

Discussion and agreement that the accounting for the 2011 Summer Retreat will be on the books of the SMIC.

MOVED by Fazalunissa that the 2011 Summer Retreat and future events be official Sufi Movement in Canada sponsored events.

Seconded by Maharaj

3. Expense Reimbursement Questions
Should we cover some expenses for the Executive? Suggestions have included:
-full or partial reimbursement of travel expenses for the executive for the annual retreat
-full or partial reimbursement of travel expenses for representatives attending The Federation Retreat or other international events
- full or partial reimbursement of travel expenses for leading workshops
- expenses such as hall rental and incidental expenses in presenting small workshops
- if yes to any of the above should there be an annual budget or other means of controlling this?

Discussion. Fazalunissa gave as an example of expenses the recent (April 24, 2010) Wazifa workshop that she and Jelaluddin led and was organized by Kuan-Yin. SMIC paid for the hall rental, flowers and tea. Donations were collected and the final cost was under $300.00. Fazalunissa would charge a nominal, $20 fee in the future so that it is possible to register participants and know in advance how many are attending.

There was general agreement that a way of budgeting for travel expenses should be considered at a future meeting.

David brought up the idea that as the organization becomes more solid and stable that an endowment fund should be created to help ensure the future of the Sufi work in Canada.

MOVED by Akbar that the Treasurer’s report be accepted.

Seconded by Kuan-Yin

c. Secretary’s Report

Jelaluddin passed out a copy of the current list of 36 members.

Next year the membership drive will be in January so that most members will have renewed by our year end on May 31st.

Jelaluddin noted that all current members have email addresses.

MOVED by Kuan-Yin that the organization reimburse Jelaluddin for the SMIC website monthly costs.

Seconded by Akbar

It was noted that the former GeoCities SMIC website has been taken down.

Jelaluddin encouraged all present to check out the Sufi videos he has been posting.

05. Centre Reports

a. Toronto - Maharaj

The Toronto Centre has been quite dormant, however in terms of the Manitoulin Island rereat - this year ran six days. Practices in the morning, afternoon is free with swimming or canoeing. There is an hour of Yoga each morning.

Fazal-Mai Alex is the centre leader. Meetings are difficult because of the physical separation.

b. Banff

The Banff Sufis are a strong, active group of about 25 members. Meetings are held every two weeks. A full repertoire of practices is offered. Chromatic Zikar is a favourite.

A Wazifa workshop was held in Banff April 24 and led by Jelaluddin. Fazalunissa led the breathing practices which setup each Wazifa.

c. Edmonton

The Edmonton Sufis meet every week on Tuesday evenings at 7:30. The focus is on Zikar and there are usually 2 to 6 people. Mostly men attend. Zubin Janice is a regular. A new member, Delmar Fruend is moving to Creston. Wazifa practice has been started and always improves an evening. The meetings sometimes move around to different houses.

There was discussion about leaving a person’s name on our email lists until they ask to have it removed.

d. Salmon Arm

Akbar reports that he and Sharda have a centre of two. There are no regular meetings but he is always open to Sufi contact. Akbar alternates every year with trips to the Federation Retreat and the Naramata Spring Festival of Awareness where he leads Sufi Dancing with 300 people.

e. Vancouver

The Vancouver Centre is co-led by Fazalunissa and Jelaluddin. Fazalunissa reports that there are three wonderful Sufis regularly attending the Thursday night meetings. Usually the program includes a breathing series or a Wazifa series and the challenging part is to balance the intellectualization with the experiential. Zikar is done about every 6 weeks. Several interesting people, Persian and Indian, have expressed interest and might start showing up. There are many organizations and events offering spirituality in various forms in Vancouver and it is not always easy to ask people to focus on repetitive practices.

06. General Business

2011 SMIC Retreat


• David said it would be good to have some way to visualize the site for the event. Jelaluddin has some pictures and videos. A site map would be helpful.
• the retreat fee will be a charge for accommodation plus a charge for the retreat. What bed you choose will dictate what it costs.
• there is a main three story, wooden lodge, 3, two story cottages, 2 large teepees and the river room.
The lodge has 5 bedrooms with 7 beds (2 queens, 1 double and 4 singles), a sauna, a hot-tub, a large kitchen, a large living room and a deck.
• other Bed & Breakfast lodges are in the neighbourhood and could be booked for additional retreat participants.
• a FAQs page should appear about the Retreat on the SMIC website.
• there will be no children at the retreat.
• there will be no scholarships.

MOVED by Jelaluddin that Kuan-Yin be appointed director for the 2011 Sufi Movement in Canada Summer Retreat.

Seconded by Maharaj

MOVED by Akbar that the Sufi Movement in Canada members be given two (2) weeks advance notice of registration for SMIC sponsored events.

Seconded by David

• a signed waiver will be required of participants
• the capacity of the Quantum Leaps site is 40 - 42.
• Jelaluddin will do the eMail-outs
• Fazalunissa will do the brochure
• this will be an alcohol and drug-free event.
• robes will be worn for the Singing Zikar and for Universal Worship.
• it may be possible for Hidayat to address the gathering via Skype.
• Fazalunissa suggested that readings from ‘The Alchemy of Happiness’ be incorporated into the program.
• the official name of the retreat will be ‘The Alchemy of Happiness’ a Sufi Movement in Canada Retreat.
• David has agreed to prepare a draft retreat program
• Kuan-Yin suggested and all agreed that the next major SMIC event be in Eastern Canada.
• the retreat could be held every year and a half, alternating between Spring and Fall retreats and between Eastern and Western Canada. Support and agreement was voiced.
• Maharaj will look into the possibility of a SMIC retreat in the East and report back to the council.
• Maharaj suggested that a library be setup so that participants could read (and return) the Inayat Khan books and papers.
• a bookstore might be possible.

Fazalunissa has proposed she direct a project to re-publish ‘Nature Meditations’. SMIC would fund the project. It would be a SMIC imprint. Fazalunissa’s images would be used. Enthusiastic support and agreement was voiced. Murshid Hidayat will be asked for permission.

• the dates for the retreat will be arrivals; Sunday, June 19 at 4:00PM and departures; Friday, June 24, 12:00PM, 2011.
• milestones were discussed. Kuan-Yin will have a finished retreat budget ready for September 30th. Fazalunissa will send out the brochure in stages; a mailing to SMIC members letting them know two weeks before the date for registration, a general mail-out in middle of November announcing registration.
• early bird registration discount of possibly a $100. Expires two months after registration date.
• no wine at final dinner decided upon.

07. Date and time of next meeting TBA

MOTION to adjourn moved by Kuan-Yin at 4:30PM.

Submitted by
Jelaluddin Gary Sill
Secretary, SMIC
Sufi Circle Canada
Is a Sufi Movement In Canada Community
affiliated with the Sufi Movement International