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Minutes from the Sufi Movement In Canada (SMIC) Council conference call, Monday, October 24

David called the meeting to order at 10:10AM PDT, 11:10AM MDT.

Present were:
Kuan Yin Cindy Pujos-Michel (KY), Fazalunissa Carole Harmon (FZ), Jelaluddin Gary Sill (JG), David Murray (DM) and Akbar Lody Kieken (AK).

Absent: Nirtan Carol Ann Sokoloff

Akbar recited the Invocation


Old Business

1. Proposal to create an Events Program Committee

The idea was referred to a future date but considered unnecessary for the present.

2. Membership issues - dues and event charges

Discussion: AK suggests that, as in the past, money be collected independent of the SMIC and forwarded to the International Sufi Movement (ISM). A goal of sending $1,000 a year might be considered.


David moved “That donations intended to support the International Sufi Movement be collected from individual members of the SMIC and sent to David, that David will send the funds collected to the ISM each year on September 13th and that a $1,000.00 be the fund raising objective”.

Seconded by Kuan Yin


3. Council Term Limits

It was agreed that until the organization becomes larger and if someone not presently a Council member comes forward with an offer to be on the Council, that the Council will continue as it is presently formed.

4. SMIC Council Retreat

AK suggest the Council either meet for a couple of hours after the 2017 Ghost River Retreat or stay an extra day. Kuan Yin noted that a location other than the Crossing At Ghost River would necessary. AK stated that a once year, face-to-face retreat is important. There was agreement that a weekend Council retreat be held in late April or early May of next year.

New Business

1. Offering some sort of incentive for Nuria Sabato to attend the Ghost River Retreat.

Discussion. DM, would we cover expenses? Might that be a donation to the ISM? KY, it’s an opportunity for people to get to know Nuria. AK. Perhaps Nuria does not need to pay registration? DM, we could make a place in the program.


Moved by Jelaluddin “that the SMIC extend an invitation to Murshida Nuria Sabato to attend the 2017 Crossing At Ghost River Retreat, to be part of the programme and that her expenses while attending the retreat be covered by the SMIC”.

Seconded by Kuan Yin


Further discussion; it was agreed that DM as National Representative, will send the invitation.

2. Financial considerations of SMIC’s charitable status in Canada.

Discussions. FZ has sent Council members the following information today:

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 09.54.58


FZ, events cannot be subsidized, events need to attempt to break even and then SMIC can cover deficits incurred, participants can be asked to join SMIC, part of their registration could be applied to a membership.

DM, retreats should be self-supporting and even turn a bit of a profit

Next Meeting

The next general meeting will be held as a tele-conference on Monday, December 5, 10:00AM PST and 11:00AM MST. The same call-in numbers will be used.

Fazalunissa moved to adjourn.

Minutes submitted by:
Jelaluddin Gary Sill
Sufi Circle Canada
Is a Sufi Movement In Canada Community
affiliated with the Sufi Movement International