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Minutes from the SMIC Council conference call, Monday, September 26

David called the meeting to order at 10:20AM PDT, 11:20AM MDT.

Present were:
(KY) Kuan Yin Cindy Pujos-Michel, (NS) Nirtan Carol Ann Sokoloff, (FZ) Fazalunissa Carole Harmon, (JG) Jelaluddin Gary Sill and (DM) David Murray.

Absent: Akbar Lody Kieken

Jelaluddin recited the Invocation


Old Business

The 2017 Retreat At The Crossing At Ghost River Lodge
Proposal to create an Events Program Committee
Membership issues
Council Term Limits
Council Retreat

New Business

Our relationship with the the International Sufi Movement


National Retreat 2017

Theme for the 2017 National Retreat at The Crossing At Ghost River" will be "Walking The Path"
KY - walks from Inayat Khan could be in the program, also the "healing walk" walk
Wazifa and Nature Meditations incorporated
JG - A Wazifa might be followed by a walking Fikar co-ordinating with the same Wazifa
Evenings will end with the Singing Zikar
David will present the mysticism of (UW) Universal Worshop, sacred geometry. He hopes to make it more participatory.
KY - suggested outside beside the river
Discussion on how Murshid Hidayat evolved the practices and that it might be up to us to advance the practices now.
DM - UW can go on too long, but music is an important part.
KY - is the event waiver and registration okay? General agreement.

Events Programming Committee

DM - where to go?
FZ - a plan to take us into the future, a program for the next 5 years.
the committee would bring more variety of costs and locations if there were an overview.
KY - inviting our American sisters
DM - yes, maybe a leaders retreat with Nuria, Rani and Rabia
further discussion needed

Internation Relations

Much admiration expressed for the recent National Representatives in the Netherlands report

DM - could there be a poster?

KY - "Walking The Path" Waver and Registration goes to KY and money to FZ.

NS - Rabia has suggested that Nirtan be nominated to be on the PoM Council and DM will circulate thoughts about this to the Council members. DM will also ask Nawab and/or Nuria what the PoM Council does.

Items to be carried forward for the next meeting on Monday, October 17, 2016:

Formation of Events Program Committee
Membership issues - dues and event charges
SMIC Council Term Limits
SMIC Council Retreat

Motion to adjourn, Fazalunissa, Seconded Kuan Yin

Meeting adjourned at 11:30AM PDT and 12:30AM MDT.
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