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The 2014 Sufi Movement in Canada Annual General Meeting
The meeting was held as a teleconference on May 31, 10:00AM PDT/11:00AM MDT.
Present were:
Kuan Yin Cindy Pujos-Michel
David Murray
Akbar Kieken
Fazalunissa Harmon
Jelaluddin Sill
Nirtan Sokoloff
Maharaj Smoky Smokorowski at 10:30AM MDT/11:30AM MDT
The meeting was called to order by Akbar Kieken.
Executive Reports


National Representative Report

Most of the work of the National Representative in Canada is done on the internet or by telephone.  There are a few requests for information on the Sufi Movement in Canada which come from our website, these I handle as quickly as possible and forward to the appropriate centres. There is some interest from the Toronto area where we unfortunately do not have an active centre.  I maintain communication with the international head office in Holland and with Murshid Nawab Pasnak as well as Murshidas Rabia and Nuria in the USA. I also have a brotherhood relationship with the Canadian leader of the Sufi Order, Amir O’Loughlin, in Vancouver which has grown since the very first days of Rocky Mountain Sufi Camp, so almost three decades.

Akbar Lody Kieken
National Representative
The Sufi Movement in Canada

Moved to accept by Fazalunissa, seconded by Kuan Yin. Passed


Secretary Report
Submitted by Jelaluddin Sill
As a record of matters relevant to the organization that have passed over my virtual desk during the 2013 - 2014 Sufi year, I have presented here a timeline of events, decisions and correspondence.
Jelaluddin Sill


May 23 to 26
The Sufi Movement in Canada council holds it's 2013 Annual Council 4 Day Retreat at The Haven on Gabriola Island. Fazalunissa Harmon, Jelaluddin Sill, Akbar Kieken, David Murray, Nirtan Sokoloff and Kuan Yin Pujos-Michel were present for meetings and opportunities to do practices together. The group's intention was to completely review and renew all approaches to the Sufi work they have responsibility for here in Canada and to plan ways of realizing those ideals.

May 27
Akbar sends out an appeal for the annual donation to the SMI. He writes:

"As you know the Sufi Movement in Canada is a non-profit organization affiliated with the Sufi Movement International, located in Holland.   Once a year we send a donation to the International Headquarters to help with their administrative costs which include the maintenance of the Universel in Katwijk where many Sufi Movement events are held, the publishing of books and papers, secretarial work and supporting Pir-o-Murshid Hidayat and others in the spreading of the message world-wide."

June 06
Recording of vocal tracks for the Singing Wazifas composed by Murshid Hidayat begins with vocalist Jerry DesVoignes. Jerry is well know in Vancouver's spiritual community as a leader of sacred chant.

June 07
Dana Wylie, University of Alberta Music graduate, publishes "
The Personal, the Practical, the Local, and the Global: An Introductory Ethnography of the Sufi Movement in Canada". This is now available on the SMIC website.

June 15
We were saddened by the passing in New Zealand of our longtime Sufi friend and sister, Penny Kinders.

August 26
Nirtan is in Holland. She has spoken with Hidayat and Aziza about a possible North American
cooperative association with Nuria Sabato, Rani McLaughlin and Rabia Ana Perez-Chisti.

August 28
Toronto Sufis hold their annual Manitoulin retreat which is filled with love and bliss!

September 21
Banff Retreat - "Sacred Geometry in Action". Jill McAulay is registrar. Led by Kuan Yin with help from Akbar and Jelaluddin.

September 4
Murshid Hidayat's recording of his
Opening Address at this the 2013 Summer School in Katwijk is made available on the SMIC website.

October 14
SM International notifies affiliated national organizations that "the International Sufi Movement has now officially adopted a Code of Ethical Behaviour" This document is available for SMIC leaders on the website.

November 25
The historic Sufi Bench at Lake O'Hara is receives a restoration. Kuan Yin reports that "the bench has taken on the healing colours associated with the Sahasrara Chakra, the Portal in the top of the head. This outer transformation took place in September, 2013 with the creative inspiration and vision of Fatayab Bob Knowlden.  It is our hope that all may have a chance to visit the bench at this beautiful and sacred site.


January 20
A revision of the Initiation Certificate used in the "old" days by the International Sufi Movement is re-worked for use here in Canada. This lovely document is available to SMIC leaders as a download on the website.
February 2

An emailout to the general Canadian Sufi community announces
3 new books by Murshid Hidayat become available via They are: "Reminders", What We Stand For" and "An Introduction to the Message in Our Time"

February 17
USA National Representatives, Murshidas Nuria Sabato, Rani McLaughlin and Rabia Ana Perez-Chisti announce the National Council of Co-Representatives for the International Sufi Movement in the United States of America.

March 1
Wings Over O'Hara Silent Auction is announced. It will run from March 1 to July 31, 2014.

March 08
The National Retreat, "Nature and The Elements is cancelled.

March 10
A version of the Singing Zikar recording is created for Kadir Jelle Troelstra for use in his Zikar class in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

March 11
Fazal Mai Alix McLaughlin resigns as centre leader for Toronto and her contact information was removed from the website.

April 16
An experiment wherein the members of the SMIC Council communicated using an online forum is launched. This didn't really work out and was abandoned. Jelaluddin is investigating a more robust solution.

April 27
Sharda Murray-Kieken resigns from the board of the Sufi Movement In Canada Organization and writes the Council that "I am looking forward to inhabiting my studio again full time". Council expressed it's gratitude for her considerable work and wished her the very best in her new endeavours.

April 28
Sufia Carol Sill launches "
Planet Earth Demands", a book authored by Shamcher Bryn Beorse.

April 30

The SMIC Council issues a statement regarding decisions to be taken around the issue of succession in the international Movement. This statement was emailed to leaders in the global community:
With regard to the recent proposal for the future of the Sufi Movement International we, the Council of the Sufi Movement in Canada, believe;

that the spiritual guidance of our organization is the Message of universal sufism,

that the principal of Spiritual Liberty is fundamental and the highest of ideals and responsibility for the SMI,

that the Pir-o-Murshid Council has the dedication and intelligence to serve this embodiment of the Message into the future, and,

that the right decision will be made for the good of the Message.
May 20
Membership emailout sent to the Canadian Sufi community and current members. An inter-active registration form is now available on the website as well as a downloadable pdf. This year payments are being made by email transfer or by cheque.

May 26
A webpage for the 2014 AGM is created and includes pages for Centre Reports, Council Reports and, when the meeting is completed, the 2014 AGM Minutes.

Moved to accept by Kuan Yin Pujos-Michel, seconded by Fazalunissa Harmon. Passed


Treasurer's Report
Submitted by Fazalunissa, Carole Harmon

This year my main focus has been to chaperone the process of submitting revised Articles of Incorporation and By Laws to The Charities Directorate of industry Canada. This process is happening because of a major restructuring and simplifying of the By Law guidelines for all Canadian Corporations. Having said this, the process has been anything but simple. The SMIC Board prepared draft ByLays at a special board retreat in May 2013. First, however, we had to resubmit our articles of incorporation for approval. My first submission was turned down because the Purpose was thought to be too simple and too much like a Mission Statement. Therefore, following the suggestion of the Charities Directorate which is the last court of approval, I resubmitted with our original Purpose which must have been drawn from the Articles of Incorporation of the Sufi Movement International. This purpose is very inspiring and I believe that this outcome is providential. You may read it on the SMIC website. A couple more months have passed and I still have not received approval of my resubmission.

Our current financial status is that we have a reserve of $13,011.85 in our bank account. This is an accumulation of GST refunds and donations over a number of years and our Board will be considering possible projects for the future which may require some financial support.

Our yearly financial statements are expertly prepared by Manohary, Paula Clancy, who donates her time for this work. I feel very grateful for her oversight and send her a resounding vote of thanks.

Respectfully submitted
Sufi Movement in Canada
Treasurer's Report addendum
This is a more accurate picture of our finances, requested by Nirtan Sokolof, one of our Board Members. The financial statements aren't completed until the May bank statement is available. Since so much activity goes on at the end of the year there is a lot of detail at that time. Financial statements from previous years are available on request. 
Here is a summary:


membership dues June 1 2013 - May 31 2014
(27 members @ $12.00)
membership donations
GST refund

website hosting
Wazifa audio guide vocal recording projectnon refundable deposit for cancelled retreat
cheques reprint


Respectfully submitted
Fazalunissa, Carole Harmon




Centre Reports


Report from the Banff Centre of SMIC

The Banff Centre of the Sufi Movement in Canada continues to meet every second Wednesday at my home here in Banff to further our experience of studying and practicing in the Sufi tradition handed down to us by Hazrat Inayat Khan and his son, Pir- O- Murshid Hidayat Inayat-Khan.  We gather together in a bond of sisterly/brotherly unity to work on all of the various Sufi practices, finding our centre also particularly drawn to the Spiritual Healing Activity.

Silent Auction:
This year, thanks to the generous hearts of interested Sufis, we have put together a silent auction.  Money raised from the sale of these donated items will be used in three different areas:  a 1/3 portion will be used to further the goals of the Sufi Movement in Canada, a 1/3 portion will go to the building repair fund for the Sufi Movement International in Holland and the final 1/3 will go to support the work at the teaching level at the Dargah of Hazrat Inayat Khan in India, funds to be administered by Murshid Nawab Pasnak.  Please see our SMIC website for full details on the auction and the bidding process.

Regional Retreat:
The Banff Sufis, in co-operation with SMIC teachers from other centres will host a one day regional retreat in Banff on September 13, 2014.  The theme for this years retreat is The Way of Illumination/ The Inner Life.   The retreat will be open to anyone interested in experiencing the Sufi path.  Full details for this day long retreat may be found on our SMIC website.

Sending love and warm hugs from your Sufi sisters and brothers here in Banff.

Kuan yin Pujos-Michel


Report from the Edmonton Centre

There are several regular activities in the Edmonton Centre. Every Tuesday evening is open for regulars and newcomers to experience some of the teachings and practices that were handed down by Hazrat Inayat Khan. Typically we end the evening with the singing zikar. It is usually preceded with a singing wasifa. The evening also provides the opportunity for discussion on the topic of sufism and how we apply that to everyday life. The attendance can vary with as many as 6 attending at any one time. The meetings are held in the meditation room of my office in central Edmonton. A larger and more public space is anticipated for the future. The zikar evenings continue year-round.

In addition to the weekly zikar meetings, the Dances of Universal Peace are held in Edmonton on the 4th Tuesday of every month, superseding the zikar evenings. They are led by Auni Amini, who has been training in the Dances for many years. I have been invited to lead a singing wasifa during the Dances, following the compositions of Pir-o-Murshid Hidayat Inayat Khan. It has provided the opportunity to deepen the evening experience. The attendance is much larger with up to 20 people participating per evening. The focus of the evening is to bring the community together to experience the world’s spiritual traditions and to connect with universal sufism. The response from those attending has been quite inspiring. The Dances are held at the Westmount Presbyterian Church hall and are held monthly from September to May. 

Submitted on May 22.2014 by David Murray   


Salmon Arm Centre report

We maintain a brotherhood centre in Salmon Arm and are always open for visits or communication with sufis of all persuasions.  Sharda and I take the opportunity to practice the message in our daily lives and treasure the many friendships on the path we have developed and continue to develop.

Akbar Lody Kieken


Vancouver Centre
Sufi Movement in Canada
2014 Annual Report

The Vancouver Sufi Centre is presently in the home of Fazalunissa, Carole Harmon and Jelaluddin, Gary Sill. This year our Wednesday evening weekly meetings have revolved around the teachings of our Murshid, Inayat Khan, as published in the Sanghitas. Our process is to read a chapter a week, passing the book around, and then to discuss what we have read.This has led to some lively and deep discussions and we all love the process of further delving into the depths of Sufi thought. We all find direct applications in our daily lives so this is a most helpful study. We also do practices. This year we started off with concentration and moved into chagall with the coming of spring. Each month, timed with the new moon, we pick a new wazifa and do it at the end of our gathering for the following month.

Since September, we also held a weekly zikar evening on Sunday nights which has sometimes been well attended. We have found, however, that the lack of consistency in attendance has made it difficult to establish a harmonious rhythm so this is presently suspended and next year we will be following a different pattern, as yet undecided.

We have plans for a weekend workshop In Vancouver the weekend of Nov. 1, 2014. It will begin with an All Soul's party on Friday evening since this is Halloweeen. The theme will be Breath, Music and Human Nature and it will be led by Jelaluddin and Fazalunissa. Registration is already open and information about the retreat is on the SMIC website.

Jelaluddin is the secretary for SMIC and I am it's treasurer. Jelaluddin also has some nebulous position co-ordinating information from the Sufi Movement International. Therefore, our lives are always full of energies Sufi.  I can't express what a challenge and blessing it is to live in this atmosphere which enriches all that we do.

Carole Harmon


The Victoria Sufi Centre

 The Victoria Sufi centre holds a monthly public dance meeting with a sufi study segment. A lending library of Message volumes is available as well as other meetings or services by request.
Audit Waiver

Moved by Kuan Yin that the audit foe 2013 - 2014 be waived.
Seconded by David. Passed.
New Business

Nirtan has suggested that there be a policy for spending money, that we use the organization to grow the organization.
Jelaluddin noted that an annual budget should be considered.
General agreement to discuss this at the upcoming 2014 Annual Council Retreat in Banff, June 9 to 11.

Akbar has been receiving website inquiries, mostly from the Toronto area, and has been forwarded them to Maharaj Smoky. Maharaj reports that he is looking for a Sufi Order representative to forward these inquiries to as no Movement Centre exists since Fazal Mai retired as centre leader. Akbar will get in touch with Amir O'Laughlin in Vancouver for the name of someone who could help.

Moved by David, that Akbar contact Hamida in Holland to ask for the Pir-o-Murshid Council minutes.
Seconded by Akbar. Passed.

Fazalunissa reported that balance sheets for the previous SMIC fiscal years will be put up on the website and she raised the issue of whether or not to make the SMIC financial reports private or public. It was agreed to discuss this at the Banff retreat.

Date of the Next AGM
Moved by Jelaluddin Sill that the AGM be held each year on the last Saturday of May. Seconded by Akbar. Passed.
Motion to Adjourn
Moved by Akbar Kieken to adjourn. Seconded by Fazalunissa Harmon. Passed.
Meeting ends at 11:00AM PDT/12:00AM MDT.
Sufi Circle Canada
Is a Sufi Movement In Canada Community
affiliated with the Sufi Movement International