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2019.12.16 Council Meeting

Attending: Azima, Qahira, Kuan Yin, Nirtan, Akbar, David

The agenda was approved: moved by Kuan Yin and seconded by Azima

Where do we go from here - vision
1. Who are we, SCC, SMIC   (goal: clarity as to how we define, communicate and use these structures)

It was agreed that the Sufi Movement in Canada (SMIC) describes the financial, administrative and legal functions of the organization. All cheques will be made out to and come from the SMIC. The SCC is for outreach purposes to our members, friends and the public. It is described as a branch of the SMIC tree.

2. Our relationship with other Sufi organizations  (goal: consider where and how we fit in with the larger world of Inayati  sufis)

It was agreed that the SCC values and embraces friendships with members of the other Inayat Khan (HIK) based organizations. We support the activities of our fellow organizations through the sisterhood and brotherhood activities, and encourage their members to join the SCC as Friends. This would not be an initiatic membership. We can cross-promote activities. Nirtan will update her October letter to be sent out to a broader range of friends and former members in order to communicate our intention to promote mutual interaction.

3. Members - old, new, who, how, when, benefits (travel fund)  (goal: consider how we can gain new members by supporting sufi activity)

It was agreed that the Board will determine how donations are to be used and that there will be no special categories for the use of donations.

Moved: by Azima and seconded by Nirtan that all donations will be entered into a single account within the SMIC. Funds will be used at the discretion of the Board. All agreed.

4. initiatic matters  (goal: raise a few matters for consideration)  action: possibly creating a committee to consider and report

It is suggested that when initiations are requested, in accordance with historic precedent, they will be given by a SMIC Initiator into the “Sufi Message”.

Moved: by Nirtan and seconded by David that an “Esoteric Committee” will be formed, chaired by Kuan Yin. The purpose of the committee will be to review and provide advice on esoteric matters such as initiations. Kuan Yin will report on the role of the Committee at the next Board meeting. All agreed.

Urgent administrative matters
5. changing address    (goal: consider ramifications of address change)    action: decide on new address

Moved: by Akbar and seconded by Nirtan that the address of the SMIC for administrative and legal purposes will be the home address of the Treasurer, now and in the future. All agreed.

It was agreed that Azima will order 50 blank cheques for the SMIC Account.

6.  Gift proposal  (goal: discuss suggestions, costs, means of funding)       action: if agreed, create plan

It was agreed that a gift of appreciation will be given to Fazalunissa and Jelaluddin for their years of service on the Board. Azima will arrange a gift certificate at the Van Deusen Garden Restaurant in Vancouver.

7.  Question regarding SMIC constitution re: relationship with SMI   (goal: clarify the nature of our legal relationship with the International Sufi Movement)

We aware of our original SMIC constitution and its ties to the International Sufi Movement. A suggested action is to study our constitution to review the content and wording. This clarification will be discussed at the next meeting.

Outreach / communications 

8. Our website - how to proceed  (goal: consider matters arising from Jelaluddin's statement regarding his participation)

Moved: by David and seconded by Akbar that a website committee be established. Jelaluddin will be asked to be Chair. David and Nirtan have volunteered to be committee members. One of the first goals is to figure out how to allow the Centre Leaders to upload Centre news. A separate meeting can be arranged to discuss website matters which will be reported at the next meeting.

9. 'Inclusive' Bowl of Saki posting (goal: air benefits and drawbacks and suggest best approach)

David reported on his conversation with Jelaluddin about the Universal Bowl of Saki (gender inclusive) project. It was agreed that Jelaluddin will develop this separate from the SCC and therefore no formal Board approval will be required. It was suggested that in addition to Jelaluddin’s outreach to interested subscribers, the Universal Bowl of Saki could be posted on the Vancouver Centre page in the website. It was suggested that the term “adaptation” be included.

10. Newsletter suggestion   (goal:  consider whether this is a priority and if so create action steps)

It was proposed that a newsletter be prepared for quarterly distribution to members. There will be rotating editors. The title is proposed to the “Heart to Heart”. The aim is to prepare the first issue for April-May 2020. Nirtan will be the editor of the first issue. Kuan Yin and David will be subsequent editors. There will be an update at the next meeting in February.

Reports 11. Nat. rep  (goal: hear about what is new in the larger world of Intl. sufi movement)

Gert van der Zande has resigned as National Representative for the Netherlands. No other news at this time.

12. Ruhaniat Jamiat (goal: hear about one of the most successful of the sufi organizations)

Nirtan reported that the Ruhaniat has published letters between Inayat Khan and Rabia Martin ”Yours in the Infinite” 1911-1926. Nirtan will find out of it is available for purchase. Definitely recommended!

13. Centres  (goal: stay up to date on local work) Banff/ Calgary/ Victoria/ Edmonton - no representation from Vancouver)  

There were brief Center updates.

 14. Healing  (goal: update on activity)  (2 min. each)

Kuan Yin provided a brief update.

15. UW (goal: update on activity) (2 min.) 

No news to report.

16. Friendship  (goal: update on activity - this portion may wish to be rolled into the item 10. on membership)  

This was discussed earlier

New business:  
The letter that Nirtan prepared in October was sent out to current members. It will be updated and sent out to our former members and fellow Canadian and worldwide friends as well.
Something to consider is requesting suggestions for who should be on the mail out list.

Next Meeting: Date and Time: February 3, 2020 10:00 am PST 11:00 am MST