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From The Canadian Sufi Archives
The Sufi Movement in Canada has an ongoing project to restore the audio and video recordings made at various times and places, but especially media created from the annual Rocky Mountain Sufi Camp. This event ran from 1982 to 2002 and produced a tremendous amount of material.

Of course it is not possible to present here the hundreds of images and hours of audio and video that are available. The material chosen is done with an intention of illuminating the 'who and what' of this Canadian Sufi community.

Jelaluddin Sill
Hidayat Inayat-Khan On Breath
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An excerpt from the June 14, 1992 Rocky Mountain Sufi Camp held in the lodge at Lake O'Hara, Canada. Murshid Hidayat guides the participants through the Elements Breathing practice.
An Introductory Ethnography of the Sufi Movement in Canada
by Dana Wylie
Music Department | the University of Alberta
Published 2013.04.22
Sufi Circle Canada
Is a Sufi Movement In Canada Community
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