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inspired by the special melody of the Gentle Singing Zikar of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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instructions related to the
Five Element Meditations

The Chromatic Zikar is sung to the accompaniment of an audio recording and is organized in six sequences. The first five sequences have one of the esoteric Elements as a concentration.
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Chromatic Zikar 2014, mp3 audio, 15' 37"
  1. The Chromatic Zikar

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Each sequence ascends through four tones and then returns by descending to the starting note.
The eyes are closed while ascending and descending on each chromatic tone sequence.

It is not necessary to do all the sequences in one session. One could choose from any of the five element sequences and perhaps do two or three of them. Whichever sequences chosen, one will always end with the sixth sequence, the Heart Chakra.
The Chromatic Zikar can be performed in two parts with men and women’s voices set an octave apart. With a mixed choir, it is possible to add a quint, an interval of a fifth, above the lower part.

Hidayat Inayat-Khan
The Chromatic Zikar practice is most helpful as a preparation for The Gentle Singing Zikar of Hazrat Inayat Khan, as well as for other concentration disciplines.

The Chromatic Zikar is sung collectively and is not intended as a individual practice. It is also important that group be lead by an experienced musician so the intonation and rhythm of the performance can accurately match the audio recording.

This practice develops magnetism in the voice by energizing the vocal cords. One might say, we are not all singers, so why should we develop the voice? The answer is, that it is with the sound of the voice, that we communicate our thoughts and feelings to others in a harmonious way or in an unconsidered way, and the sound of our voice can have a completely different impact than what one might expect.

The awareness of the voice is obviously one of the many ways with which, we can convey whatever we have to offer, and it also reveals the characteristic of the personality of the one who has made an effort to be considerate in the manner with which, the modes of expression are carried out along the voice flow.

Another important aspect of the Chromatic Zikar is that it also works as a breathing exercise. When chanting, one is breathing out through the mouth, expelling negative vibrations and toxins. Furthermore, it is also a thinking technique, because when coordinating the breath with the chanting, one is really relying on concentration.
In this practice, the breath follows a rhythm that corresponds to the group of notes chanted in each repetition of the Chromatic Zikar and the subtle sound vibrations resound within certain centers called Chakras.

Furthermore, when focusing with closed eyes on one of the five chosen chakras, while holding the thought-waves under control all along the breath-current, one’s consciousness is directly linked to the kundalini energy-flow.

The Chromatic Zikar practice is chanted on the melodic pattern of the Gentle Singing Zikar and each repetition of that pattern is successively augmented by half tones, while rising to a given pitch, and then descending in the same way to the starting point. On each ascent and descent one intones a given vowel.

The last of the five sequences is chanted this time upon the words of the Gentle Singing Zikar and with eyes closed, one mentally focuses upon the heart chakra, keeping in mind the following picture: ‘My heart is an empty bowl in which there is only place for Thee’.

The closing of this special practice is done in silence, while all thoughts and wants are cleared away, once the veil of the ‘I’ concept has been replaced by the brilliancy of the shining light in space.