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In the late morning of August 24, 2017 a presentation to Qahira Fran Becker was made by Azima Martha Toy at the conclusion of "Walking The Path", a Canadian Sufi retreat held at the Ghost River Lodge near Calgary, Alberta. A recording of the composition by Jelaluddin Gary Sill, "Mandala for Piano and Tamboura", was played following her remarks.
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Azima Martha Toy
transcription of Azima's address
"Qahira initiated me into the Sufi Movement International over ten years ago and has been my beloved Sufi guide as well as a dear friend ever since.

We meet for weekly Thursday afternoon tea visits which nowadays also includes dear Naseera. And the three of us have been thriving on a steady main course of Sufi practices and readings, along with side dishes of sharing Italian and East Indian food recipes, local and world political discussions for the tossed salad, catchups about each of our family members for dessert, and a smattering of Sufi gossip for the post meal digestif.
Over the years, Qahira has so generously shared innumerable priceless gifts which Naseera and I then, now and eternally forward will cherish beyond words.

I feel that Qahira’s spiritual wisdom finds its more graceful and illuminating expression through the visual and sound mediums. So it’s not surprising that one day she shared with me that it had long been a dream of hers to set some of her visual mandala artwork to music. So I put my little grey cells to work and approached Jelaluddin Gary Sill who has composed a piece of music which blends three of Qahira’s mandalas, Alpha and Omega, Magie due Calice, and Kim’s Jewel’s.

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Listen To The Music
  1. Mandala for Piano and Tamboura

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Qahira, Azima, Jelaluddin

Qahira, Azima, Jelaluddin