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from Murshida Nuria Sabato
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from Murshid Nawab Pasnak
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from Hamida Verlinden, Ulma and Joop Moerenburg
In Memoriam: Aziza Lusansky-Inayat-Khan, 1922-2018

There exists a song:

E’er keep this before your eyes, “My sorrow, forget not,
Once again joy will arise” (Nirtan, Tala)

These words could have been for Aziza this last time: for more than a year she longed to be with her beloved Hidayat again that she married 35 years before. From the bottom of our hearts we remember her in gratitude for her love and affection, dedicated to Hidayat and which she shared with us.

Who was she?

She had a great job as electro engineer and married Hidayat, musician in heart and soul: violinist and composer, and from the generosity of her heart she gave him the possibility to spend all his time composing.

There are those who saw her as ‘the wife of’, and there were those who noticed that she was always with her husband Hidayat Inayat-Khan in his time as Pir-o-Murshid, from 1992 till 2009, being present in meetings and not saying anything at all. But there were also those who not only noticed his heart and living energy, but her loving support of him, and her sturdiness. And the ones who were child in the Lake O’Hara Camps once have living and loving memories of her; as do the children in the summer-schools in Katwijk. When the kids had a talk with the Pir-o-Murshid, he and Aziza sat together, and then always Aziza was part of this talk, inviting them to say what was in their hearts. These small children saw best and still have Aziza in their hearts.

Both were so closely attached to each other. Her beloved one left this earth, continuing his life in other spheres 12 September 2016 and her life became difficult, for she had to live on without him, fortunately in a good home with loving and caring people.

The first time we came in the house where she was still living, one after the other of the inhabitants came to us, talking about how sorry they were and that they still saw them both coming in the restaurant, hand in had, always together. A loving picture.

In this last year we have come to realize how much she had kept herself in the background to let Hidayat shine, for Hidayat had the tremendous task to lead the Sufi Movement as its Pir-o-Murshid, with heart and soul. That was the work he had to do and did, and she supported him wholeheartedly.

And who was she before she met him? Slowly on she showed us more of herself. And at Christmas last year she gave a speech when the people were together, for at Christmas a speech must be given!

We have a beautiful book of praise, with drawings, of Siemens where she not only worked for 40 years, but also was most appreciated for her capacities as co-worker, as electrical engineer, as support of people who needed support; showing how “gemütlich” she was and how efficient.

Here is one of the drawings that shows how she was: a small person but of great importance.
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We are deeply grateful for the care that has been given to her by all the workers in St. Joseph, from nursing to kitchen to cleaning: with love, with respect, always with good humor, and so happy for Aziza when we
were coming. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

Ulma, Joop and Hamida