Please join us at Loon Lake Lodge for the annual Sufi Movement In Canada retreat. This year we examine the idea and the reality of "The Sufi In The World"

Together we will experience the calming and grounding effects of focused breath, concentration, and sung meditation. In friendship we will share the joyful and uplifting influence of music and dance.
The Summer School in Katwijk, Netherlands is an annual event that draws Sufis from all around the world for community, practice and immersion in the beauty of the Sufi Message.
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July 25 to 31, 2018
The Edmonton Centre meets weekly on Tuesdays at David's office. The evening starts with friendly conversation followed by practices and ends with the Singing Zikar.
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The series of weekly Sufi Nights at the home of Fazalunissa and Jelaluddin continues throughout the year.
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