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Murshid Hidayat Inayat-Khan 1917 - 2016

Monday, September 12, 2016

"The seeming death is the real birth of the soul.” 
– Hazrat Inayat Khan

Hazrat Inayat Khan and Amina Begum had four children, and the last has now left us: Hidayat Inayat-Khan.

Born in London on August 6th 1917.
Passed away in Munich on September 12th 2016.

According to the wishes of Hidayat and Aziza there will be no funeral ritual.

In deep sorrow and gratitude
on behalf of Aziza Inayat-Khan,

Ulma and Joop Moerenburg
Testamentary Executors

Condolences may be sent to:    ObscureMyEmail

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Murshid Hidayat Inayat-Khan
1917 - 2016

Murshid Hidayat Inayat-Khan came to Lake O'Hara Camp in 1982 and after that year, led the camp on a permanent basis until 2002.

The Sufi Message deeply informed Hidayat Inayat-Khan's teachings. It is a philosophy that promotes the realization of Unity and Spiritual Liberty which has always been intended for the whole of humanity. The Sufi Message, with it's ideal of Love, Harmony and Beauty is today expressed by the the Sufi Movement International, founded by Murshid Hidayat's father, Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan. Other organizations are equally committed to the spread of The Sufi Message including the Sufi Inayati, the Ruhaniat International, the Sufi Way and many others, known and unknown.

Murshid Hidayat Inayat-Khan

Sufis have such a debt to and a love for Murshid Hidayat. Canadians in particular owe the very existence of the Sufi Message in our lives to the work he started with his pioneering visit to Edmonton, Canada in the deep, snowbound winter of 1978.

This following is a directory to all things Hidayat; writings, images, music and annoucements that give us the opportunity to share in his artful expression of the Sufi Message.
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Murshid Hidayat Inayat-Khan
1917 - 2016

New Year’s Eve Ceremony

Recalling the New Year’s eve Ceremony
experienced in the early days.


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Noor-un-nisa, Hidayat, Vilayat, and Claire at Suresnes

By Hidayat Inayat-Khan

As Children, the New Yea’s eve Ceremony given in Fazal Manzil was a most exiting event, because at that occasion we could stay up late, so that we could be at that sacred ceremony, after which, we were exceptionally allowed to run up to the roof of the house, from where we could see at a distance, the fascinating fireworks illuminating the Eifel Tower and the high buildings of Paris.

At the New Year’s eve Ceremony, the Family members were present, as well as a few French mureeds and even some Dutch mureeds who happened to be in France at that time of the year.
Our Father opened the Ceremony with the invocation, followed by an inspiring speech referring to the Message, after which, the names of the Family members and of the mureeds in the different countries were invoked, followed by the magic word “Fazal”, which means blessing.
This was done with stretched arms while a gong was struck, symbolizing the vibrations of the blessings, reaching the persons whose names had been clearly pronounced.

All members present deeply felt the magic power flowing from the radiant presence of the Master, whose blessings reached the hearts of all those known and unknown, who were privileged in carring onwards the sacred torch of the Message in our time.

Love, Harmony and Beauty
Love is the song of the heart,
expressing an inner longing to reveal itself, while at the same time being bewildered by the fascination of the response encountered”.

“Harmony is a situation where impulses of contrary natures fit together, and each party resigns from preconceived ideas”.

“Beauty is a mystical power of attraction, inspiring the admirer, who evaluates inasmuch as the sense of appreciation is awakened”.
Modesty Is Not Necessarily Weakness
“Modesty is not necessarily weakness; it is a feeling that rises from the living heart which is secretly conscious of its inner beauty, while at the same time revealing himself, even from its own sight”.
O Seeker, Did You Know
“O Seeker, did you know that inner awakening is like being on a ship, sailing on the great waters of destiny, in attunement to the compass of the spirit of guidance and driven by the energy of free will, while heading towards mastery over the ego, where one may begin to realize, that in reality, the sailor is only a ray of the all pervading, shining in the past, present and future on the waves of illusion.”
Short extracts referring to the legends describing
GC. Noorunnissa Inayat-Khan

The truest description of Noorunnissa was her continual example of self - sacrifice. In so many ways, Noorunnissa always thought of others before thinking of herself. She gracefully offered what ever she could to all those whom she encountered. One day, when she was quite small, she begged her Mother to give her chocolates, but her Mother soon found out that the chocolates were being secretly packed up, to give to the poor children in the village, who had none for Christmas.

Noorunnissa’s book called “The Jataka Tales,” besides many fairy tale- stories, offer great moral lessons. She also composed the beautiful song called "Song to the Madzub". In general, her hobby was writing various articles related to Mystical subjects inspired by her Father's Teachings, which influenced her life in so many ways.

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contributed by Sufi Movement USA
contributed by Murshida Rabia Ana Perez
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Inayat Khan, painting by
Malthe M. Hasselrils in 1936

The Unstuck Music
“When attuned to the un-struck music, sounding in one’s heart as an expression of Love, and when responding in Harmony to that celestial melody, one is offering thereby a true example of nature’s Beauty”.
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The name Noorunnissa means Princess of Light, and obviously, Noorunnissa was a symbol of shining light, seen in every thing said or done for others. Her great gift was to be in harmony with the two different ethnical characteristics of her Parents.

Following the passing of her Father in 1927, Noorunnissa offered an example of courage and leadership, which obviously unfolded her personality throughout her life. In order to save the lives of so many British soldiers, Noorunnissa went through inhuman torture at the prison in Pforzheim, Germany, but she kept all strategic information unveiled.
”Vive la Liberté” was her last word pronounced before the tragic shot at Dachau.

The work for freedom as a secret agent did not alter her spiritual beliefs. The Legacy left, expresses exactly that same Ideal of Freedom as mentioned in her Father’s call for "Spiritual Liberty" and “Unity of Spiritual Ideals".

Noorunnissa was a descendant of the historical Emperor Tipu Sultan who was allied to Napoleon with the project of getting rid of British occupation of India. Tipu Sultan was a great Leader and fighter for Freedom and Unity, which explains the inborn characteristics of the Leadership tendencies of Noorunnissa.

Noorunnissa was born in Moscow, Russia, on the 1
st of January, one hundred years ago years ago. Her Father was the most famous musician in India in his early days, and was later, the first Indian musician to give performances of Hindu music, in the Hindu Temple in San Francisco California.
Her Mother was from Albuquerque USA, and her Aunt was Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of a Movement called Christian Science.
Noorunnissa was brought up in France and she spoke fluently both French and English. Her musical education flourished in her Harp playing. Her International horizon was unique, and the dignity of her personality visibly described her image as a Princess of rare status . She was obviously of International birth, and her fight was for International freedom. Noorunnissa did not belong to any Country, neither to any Religion, nor to any political tendency, but was deeply attracted to the various aspects of spirituality, which explains the self-sacrifice tendencies of her nature, and the deep love in her heart for God's creation.

Hidayat Inayat-Khan

Noor-un-nissa and her mother playing the vina in the garden